Sweet, Beautiful Happiness

I just listened to this sermon by Matt Chandler, and loved this part so much that I had to take the excerpt from the transcript and share it with you:

The Village Church – Acts 1 The Beginning of the Church Feb 2 2014

Martyn Lloyd-Jones uses this illustration. It’s the best illustration I’ve heard on this subject. Lloyd-Jones talked about [how] the Christian has a happiness in the Lord that is there because of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of him. Our Christian experience is one of a child holding our Father’s hand, faithfully walking down the road. We feel safe. We feel secure. We are his, yet not overly compelled to sing about that or shout about that. We’re just happy and safe and walking faithfully, holding our Father’s hand.

There will be moments where the Father startles his sons and daughters by sweeping them quickly off the ground, pulling them in, kissing their neck, then pushing them back out, looking into their eyes, and saying with all the affection imaginable, “I’m so glad you’re mine,” and pulling them back in for one more tight embrace, and then putting them down on the ground and continuing to walk. Lloyd-Jones says that’s what it looks like to be clothed in power from on high. That’s what it feels like to be covered in the power of the Holy Spirit.

In fact, I’ll read for you this piece of the quote from Lloyd-Jones. “The fuses of love are so overloaded they almost blow out. The subconscious doubts––that he wasn’t thinking about at the time, but that pop up every now and then––are gone! And in their place is utter and indestructible assurance, so that you know that you know that you know that God is real and that Jesus lives and that you are loved, and that to be saved is the greatest thing in the world.

And as you walk on down the street you can scarcely contain yourself, and you want to cry out, ‘My father loves me! My father loves me! Oh, what a great father I have! What a father! What a father!'” That’s what it’s like to be clothed with power from on high: a driving out of any doubt, of any lack of assurance or gladness of heart, a blowing of the fuses of our hearts under the weight of God’s delight in his children.


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