The unrelenting crazy

When the pace of life is merciless and you feel yourself slipping sometimes the only sane option is to just. live, slow. Shove that demanding list somewhere dark. Forget the frantic ravings of it’s bullets.

Hang the laundry on the line.
Watch the kids play make- believe.
Pray the desperate prayer of someone running out of air.
Water the flowers, and pull a couple weeds.
Call an old friend.

Total idleness will breed guilt and stress over things undone. Don’t check up on Facebook or play just a little more Candy Crush. It is not good for you to be lazy.

But intentional slow-ness creates room to breathe.

And the miracle is that the to-do list learns it’s place, as a tool, not a task-master.

Feel your lungs expand as the weight lifts off.

And my prayer for you, friend, is that as the sun sets you find yourself before an open page, or a blank canvas, a good friend or a bit of nature. That beauty hounds you until your haggard soul is restored to peace.

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